Closing Up for the Night…


…and going out to party. Today was my best weight, but tomorrow I’m going to be up by a few pounds, I’m pretty sure. Oh well – I’ll have to work harder over the weekend.

I went out to dinner tonight with The Man and another couple to a newish restaurant in the Bywater called Maurepas Foods. We’ve been there before, but really wanted to go back again. The Man loves their goat tacos, and I like the general atmosphere of the restaurant. It’s a trendy place, a little bit on the yuppie side, but not too bad. The restaurant serves mostly local foods, so the menu is always changing. The servings are small, and everything is a la carte, but I overlook all of this because the food is so damn good. I didn’t want to go out tonight – I was afraid to up my calorie intake – but once we got out I just got over myself and enjoyed the free meal. I had a glass of really smooth Grenache, with a serving of grits (OMG yes) and the lump crabmeat served with cornbread and some wonderful sweet sauce. The table shared what they call a “Large” cheese plate, which was probably around 5 oz of cheese all together, so we all had a few tiny bites. I had forgotten how much the size of the cheese plate pissed me off last time we were there, and was reminded again this time around, but I decided to take it as a gift from the Universe – no temptation to eat extra cheese.

Now I’m back home, a tiny bit buzzed from the nice glass of wine, and getting ready to go back out with my friend Katy to get some drinks in the French Quarter. She’s moving away in a couple of weeks, and I don’t know what I’m going to do without her. In the mean time, though, I figured it would be nice to hang out and enjoy some girl time at some bars she hasn’t visited yet during her one year stint in New Orleans. Luckily, she chose some places that I’ve never been, either, so we’re going out to check out the Carousel Bar and Tujague’s. Should be fun! I’m not promising that I won’t eat any yummy bar food while I’m out, either. It’s just one of those nights.


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