Day #11: Just Another Manic Monday

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster so far this morning, so sorry that I didn’t have time to check in with you first thing. It’s still a bit crazy, but just to give you a simple rundown before running off to catch up on work stuff:

1) Weighed in at exactly 159.6 lbs again, so no problems there.

2) I didn’t make it to yoga in the AM, but I’m heading over for the afternoon class.

3) My back hurts today – got to make an appointment for later in the week with my chiropractor to get my hips realigned.

4) So far I’ve had a protein shake, a muffin, and a serving of Snapea Crisps (caesar-flavored). I took all of my supplements and vitamins, and am thinking about what I’d like for lunch. I’m not hungry, exactly, just feeling really worn out, so I need to power up.

5) That’s all – have a great afternoon, and I’ll catch up with you tonight.


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