Day #8: Uptick


This is one of those days I was telling you about, where my weight swings up and I feel like a complete failure. However, I’m not going to be that girl today. Today I’m going to be a winner, keep a calm head, and come out on top. I weighed in this morning at 161.0 lbs, after a slip-up last night with a new batch of banana muffins and a lovely Chinese food dinner with The Man. I did alright with the Chinese food – only ate half of my dish, in fact – but it WAS noodles, and then I followed up with a couple of muffins. It was an emotional eating night, except eating lavishly was not in response to emotion, but to physical state. Since I’d only gotten 4 hours of sleep the night before, I was just too worn out to think about cooking dinner when I got home. That, coupled with my desire to lay on the couch all night (making Chinese sound even more inviting) are what did me in. I’ll know better next time.

So back to today. I’m slightly heavier, but knowing my body, by Sunday I’ll be back at 157 if I watch my intake and go to yoga every day. As promised last week, I’ve taken my measurements, too:

  • Thigh: 23.5″ (same as last week)
  • Hips: 40″ (same)
  • Waist: 28″ (down 1″)
  • Chest: 37″ (Which is still weird, given my 34″ bra size. Maybe the girls at Victoria’s Secret can explain for me.)
  • Biceps: 11.5″ (down 1/2″ – woohoo!)
  • Calves: 14.5″ (same)
  • Ankles: 7.5″ (same)

Right now I’m trying to get geared up to go to work, drinking my protein shake for breakfast. My supplements arrived in the mail yesterday from Vitacost, and instead of taking a bunch of pills this morning I thought it would be much more fun to just add everything into the shake. So now I’m drinking a shake with 500mg of raspberry ketones and a serving of coleus forskolii, both natural supplements to aid fat loss. I also just took some probiotics, which I’m hoping will help speed up the Chinese food in leaving my body. Next up is a multivitamin, then Vitamin D drops at work, and I’ll be full to the brim with all kinds of good-for-you’s.

Wish me luck – I’m bringing the banana muffins to work, and will boldly attempt to refrain from eating any. No clue what I’m going to do for lunch, but it better be natural and 400 calories or less. Then it’s on to Bikram at the end of the day, where everything feels beautiful and warm and limber, including yours truly.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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