Day #6: It Pays Off

Yay! This morning I weighed in at 158.6 lbs. Not a crazy amount of loss, but still down .4 lbs from the last two days. Now I’m sitting on my couch, drinking a protein shake, thinking about getting my act together to go to a doctor’s appointment in about 20 minutes. I really don’t want to – it’s a yearly exam, and I really dislike being poked and prodded. On the other hand, does anyone really LIKE being poked and prodded?

Last night I dreamt that I had joined a band of gypsies who ran a carnival. We traveled by 19th century train, and I fell in love with one of the ringmaster’s sons. He was tall and dark, like Joe Manganiello, but we snuggled close to one another at one point and he felt exactly like what I’d imagine Alexander Skarsgard would feel like if one were to snuggle up against his chest. It was hard making myself wake up this morning. You can tell I’ve been watching way too much “Hell on Wheels” and “True Blood.”

I woke up with this thought that I should take the day off from exercising, which is obviously not an idea that comes from my good side. It’s like the little devil on my shoulder is doing her best to get me to go crazy today, and hopefully if I recognize that impulsiveness now, I’ll be able to keep cutting it off at the pass all day. Right now I’d like nothing more than to stay home in my pajamas and eat a big bowl of pasta for every meal. Luckily, The Man packaged up about half of the snack foods in the house last night and took them to work with him this morning, so that cuts out my ability to get my hands on anything overly delicious. I do have about 9 Knorr/Lipton noodle side dish packs (you know the noodles with a powdered sauce that you add milk and butter to?). I love them so much, so I’m going to have to either drop them off at a thrift store or maybe bring them to work and give them to someone.

Right now it’s time for two glasses of water (a must in the morning) and a multivitamin, then jetting off to see the doctor. Woohoo. Not.



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