Feeling Quite Impressive

It’s always nice when the week starts out on a high note. Work has been great today – gathering information for a new project, and since I like research, it’s been a very low stress day so far. I thought ahead when leaving the house this morning, and ended up bringing a sandwich for lunch. The rest of the office went to a nearby market to pick up eats, so I tagged along and got a cup of this amazing Asian mushroom soup (mushrooms, soy sauce and water, mostly, but so yummy!) and a container of lemon yogurt for a treat. Lunch was great, and it ended up being a lot less calories than I typically pack in.

I’m still pretty tired, but I think I’ll have enough “oompf” to stay alive, if not excel, in yoga class later this evening. I really don’t want to miss it, since my hips are hurting a little and my hamstrings were uber tight this morning. Overall this day is feeling pretty swell – I’m proud of the little bit of weight I’ve lost, and that I’m managing to stick within the confines of my diet from day to day. My self loathing level is normally somewhere between a medium and a high on the scale, and today it’s at low. It’s a great way to go through the day.

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