Day #4: Down Another .8 Lbs


Gotta keep this short. I’m supposed to be at work in 20 minutes, and am just now sitting down to my chocolate protein shake breakfast. My cats are happily sniffing my workout equipment (Izzy likes the yoga mat, while Murphy has been trying to ‘bat’ the 8 lb. weight ball around for awhile now, to no avail). Last night was a bad one for me – I just couldn’t sleep. Sometimes I’m like that, either I can’t sleep at all, or I’ll wake up every 20 minutes or so all night long. Last night the backs of my hands were itching – some allergen I began to react to at The Man’s parents’ house earlier in the afternoon. Nothing I tried on them worked, until around 6am when I finally rubbed them down with alcohol and applied aloe vera out of¬†desperation. They stopped itching long enough for me to get a couple hours’ sleep, but no telling how weird this day is going to be with me being only half awake.

Anyway, I’ve just used 3 minutes typing that, so working through the rest of this and heading off to get ready for work. I weighed in this morning at 159.0 lbs, which is .8 lbs lighter than the last couple of days – yay! Since I didn’t go to yoga, when I got out of bed I did an 8 minute abs workout, and then did some basic lifting exercises for biceps, triceps and shoulders. I couldn’t find my dumbbells, so I used my weight ball instead (it’s not really a medicine ball, since it’s soft, but it’s something of the same concept). Now I’m going to finish up breakfast, take a multivitamin and two glasses of water, rush my way through a shower, and run to work.

Happy Monday, folks!

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