Brief Intermission

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to apologize to you for being an absentee landlord here on C&Q lately. I’ll be back on track in a week or so. Right now everything’s pretty haywire with my day-to-day, and I’m going just a little nuts. My primary job is fantastic – love every minute of it – but I’m working some long hours lately on a few last-minute projects. That wouldn’t be a huge deal, but I’m also in my last month of grad school, and working on a 50-page paper that’s due this Sunday (OMFG) as well as a very large group project that is also due on Sunday (OMFG x 2). My old boss is still bugging me pretty much daily with a variety of BS, and I’m not doing a good enough job of convincing her that I’m really, totally, 100% not working for her anymore. I’m billing her for every minute she wastes with phone calls, but still, it’s running me a bit ragged. I also started a chorus girl class yesterday, which I’ll tell you about later, and I’m trying to make it to yoga but doing an awful job of it lately. I’ve realized that something’s got to give, so I’m not beating myself up about not exercising until after I’m finished with school in two weeks. All together, life is pretty awesome, just don’t have a spare second to sit down and update you!

Talk soon,


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