Where the Hell are the Vacation Updates?????

First off, let me apologize. I spent so much time putting out teasers for my big vacation, and then in the end I didn’t even really post while I was away – I’m so sorry, guys! Here’s the deal…I was having too much fun. It was kind of difficult finding wi-fi, and when it came down to the wire, I decided to stop wasting time trying to have a virtual life and just enjoy having a real one for a change. I enjoyed every last second of my trip to Croatia and Italy, and met so many great people and saw so many beautiful things. I regret not posting as it happened, but I’m not going to beat myself up for having an awesome time.

However, that being said, I did actually write a blog post a day about my adventures for most days of the trip. I just didn’t post them. Now that I’m home, and finally over the ridiculous sinus infection that I picked up in Perugia, I’m starting to get all of my photography and notes together, and I’m coming up with a plan of attack. I think what I’m going to do is just post for each day, so you can see it as I lived it. Then I’m going to go back and talk about some of my favorite sights & adventures in different ways, too. I saw so many beautiful buildings and really interesting cultural things that were completely new to me, and I’d like to spend a chunk of my summer researching the things I saw, that I might better understand them. I’ll share photos and research with you, so you can get a little bit of book learnin’ too!

And now on to what’s going on at this very minute, back on planet earth, in my little apartment…

I’ve decided to pursue Bikram full time. I want to be a teacher one day, and the only way to do that is to work harder at being a great student, first.

I’ve also decided that I’m not interested in eating meat anymore, but I’m not going to bully myself into giving up seafood. It’s just too hard – I love oysters so much, and since seafood is one of the only types of food that The Man and I agree on, I’d like to keep some common ground in the diet department. I did just get a subscription to Vegetarian Times magazine, though, as while I was away it occurred to me that one of the things I’m really neglecting in my love life is nurturing my Man. I forget to show my feelings much of the time, so it’s really no wonder that he forgets to show his, as well. Over the years I have noted how very impressed he is with a simple home-cooked meal now and then, and if I’m going to avoid the foods he loves (pork, chicken, beef) then I can at least learn how to cook something impressive with the foods he’ll tolerate. Right now I make things that I love (sauteed veggie sandwiches, soups, stir-fries) but I could stand to expand my repertoire. Who knows, maybe we’ll both learn a thing or two about nourishment of the body, and maybe the heart, as well.

For the next few days, I’m on a specialized diet. I’m only eating fruits and veggies – no processed foods, pastas, breads, meats, dairy, none of the nasty snacky food thingies I so adore, and sticking with mostly raw fruits and veggies if possible. I want to kick my body into gear, drink plenty of fluids, go to Bikram every day, and flush out the crap I’ve been eating for the last couple of weeks. At the end of that period, I’ll amp up to two Bikram classes a day and maybe add back in sprouted grains, cereal, and soy milk. I haven’t set an end date yet, but I only have three apples left, so maybe Friday 🙂

Oh yeah, the other piece of news is that I’m somewhat unemployed. Yeah, I know that’s not a very clear description, but it’s the best I’ve got. I’m still working a few hours a week for my previous employer, just until they pick up a marketing person. I’m also hoping to get some more freelance work from the Chinese antiques company, plus in an hour and a half I’ve got a job interview with a local graphic design/marketing agency, but I’m not holding my breath. I also have started selling some of my possessions off on Amazon, Craigslist and Ebay, and might have a yard sale or two. I’m not worried at all, though. I’ve paid my rent and utilities until August, and have enough in my bank account to pay the minimums on my credit cards for awhile if I’m sparing with groceries. My biggest worry right now is making sure I go to Bikram every day, and making sure that the cats get enough love.

I’m going to try to get that first vacation post up tomorrow, so hang in there. Some of my photos rock, btw. It was pretty much impossible to take a bad shot in Croatia. That place blew my mind with its incredible beauty.

Life is good. Weird, but good.

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