A Few Late Night Thoughts


I was all set to go to bed, but then a slight yoga induced pain started bothering me. Now I’m up, waiting for my Tylenol PM to kick in, and I thought I’d practice using my iPad to write a short post. First thoughts: the WordPress app for iPad kind of sucks. The format is really unattractive, and it’s not obvious where user options are hiding. I eventually gave up and used the browser to get here. Much better.

So my left glute and groin hurt a bit. I pulled something just enough to be an irritation, but not enough to be a genuine ‘injury’. And now the backs of my hands are starting to itch and break out in little bumps. That’s pretty normal for me when stress looms, so no biggie.

I think when I get back from vacation, I’m going to go veg again. Not sure if I’ll try to cut out dairy, but I’m feeling a lot stronger than ever before, and it feels like the right choice. I’ll eat better, do more yoga, maybe even an actual challenge, and work at finding a rewarding career. I think I can do this.

Just started reading The Fire Starter Sessions today, and am thinking I’ll continue it over vacation. I want to come back from Europe as a revised version of the old, cool me. Also, I think it’s time to start working at Bikram in earnest, and get on the long path toward becoming an instructor one day. I’ve wanted to teach since my very first class, and that fire hasn’t diminished. It’s time to start working on that goal.

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