A Change of Plans


So I decided to go with my gut and make some last minute changes to my itinerary today. Before, the Italian leg of my journey was going to consist of about a day and a half in Venice (from the afternoon of June 3rd to the morning of June 5th), about 3/4 of a day in Florence (afternoon of June 5th to the morning of June 6th), and a little over a day in Perugia (mid-day of June 6th to late afternoon of June 7th). It started to weigh on me that I was going to be so rushed. I’ve always wanted to see Florence, but less than a day is just no fun.

Today I started looking into either staying an extra night in Venice or adding one day on to my stay in Perugia. This would allow me to take a side trip to Assisi, one of my original destination ideals. Eventually I decided on the latter option, and while I was at it I cancelled my original budget hotel reservation and splurged on a room at a luxury hotel at town center. It has wi-fi, a sauna, and the photos of the rooms look out of this world. What the hell, if I’m only living once, I’m going to do it right!

This trip is going to be a complete departure from my last journey as a grungy, sunburned backpacker. Sure, I’ll still have the backpack, but I might even get a touch of room service – who knows? Don’t worry, I plan to keep you posted (while enjoying champagne and strawberries, lol!)


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