Total Lean 7 Day Fast Loss: Day 3

I’m definitely sick. I’m shivering and sniffling, and in general just kind of worn out. I think that some of that can be attributed to taking nighttime cold medicine last night. That stuff always knocks me out and makes me loopy for a long time, even after I’m awake the next morning. I was planning to drive to the pet store and pick up a new snail this morning, but now my plans involve me moving no farther than the couch for the duration.

Last night my boyfriend took me out to a lovely dinner at a cute little sushi place on the other side of town. It was a great meal, and I stuck with somewhat more healthy options, but probably should have avoided the noodle dish that I love so very much. I had a big sashimi appetizer, a bowl of clear soup, an a combination noodle salad/squid salad, plus one shumai and one baked mussel off of his plate.

I’m still 158.6 lbs today, but I’m happy with that. Can’t drop pounds every single day, and especially not on the days that we eat amazing dinners like that.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to being idle on the couch.

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