Total Lean 7 Day Fast Loss: Day 2

I’m drinking another vanilla bean shake as I type. This time it’s a bit better than yesterday, since I added four ice cubes before blending. Tastes somewhat more like a milkshake, which makes me find the vanilla palatable, for some reason.

Turns out I am getting sick, after all. Woke up with a weird combination sore throat and ear. Just one ear, and one part of my throat, so it might actually be a tonsil or something. Guess we’ll see. I’ll take some medicine later in the day if it gets any weirder, but for now I’m fine.

Today’s weight is an astonishing 158.6 lbs, down 5.4 lbs from Wednesday, and 1.8 lbs down from yesterday. It’s amazing how much trash our bodies retain, huh? My face is already looking drastically different. I guess I was retaining a lot of the water in my cheeks or something, because in the pictures we have from Saturday, I’m much more rounded in the face than I am today.

My boyfriend wants to take me out for our belated Valentine’s Day dinner tonight, to the sushi place where we got our first meal together, before we were even dating. I’m psyched to go, since their sushi is so good, and they have this amazing noodle salad they give every diner that I just adore. If I do feel up to going by the time this evening rolls around, I’ll be eating very little rice, and sticking to miso soup and sashimi (my favorites, anyway, so no big deal).

Gonna keep chugging along in hopes of reaching 153 by next week.

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