Day 6 of the Siege

Oy vey. I mean, really.

So over the weekend I got Munky a calming collar that releases pheremones that are supposed to calm him down and make him receptive to love. It totally worked. He’s already a very affectionate cat, but now he’s almost desperate in his need to be kissed and cuddled 24/7. He even woke me up last night to get his chin scratched.

I also took both of the cats to Isabel’s vet visit yesterday, to make sure that they stayed close to each other and would retain the same scent. Again, a victory. No fussing or fighting to, during, or from the vet. At the vet’s recommendation, I even let them out of their carriers in the same room when we got home, to see if there were any immediate improvements. When they didn’t freak out, I gave them both treats, which they ate face to face. I was so excited!

Then, just as he finished gobbling down his last treat, Munkey looked up, saw Isabel, and happily started to groom her head. It was like he thought Isabel had been gone, and we had traded her out for some other cat at the vet’s. He was so happy to have his friend back.

Unfortunately, Izzy wasn’t having it. The minute he started to lick her head, she jumped back, freaked out, and started hissing at him. After a minute of confusion, he started to mew-growl just a little, in his unsure way. I quickly separated them again.

Since then they’ve been having treats and wet food on either side of the same door, and he keeps trying to get out. It’s obvious that he’s super excited every time he gets to peep out of the cracked door and see his sister. Izzy’s still not sold on the concept, and always runs away, hissing. Treats never fail to bring her back, though, and they eat within a foot of each other, even with the door open a crack. I have hope.

This is getting old, but at least it no longer feels as life-threatening as before. She’s just a little pissed that he hit her a few days ago. I can live with that. Not sure if The Man can live with two litter boxes for much longer, though…

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