Another Day, Another Chance at a Nervous Breakdown

You might have noticed that though I promised on Thursday to update if anything exciting happened, I actually didn’t even check in for the weekend. Well, I had a set-back. That set-back is called ‘insane employer,’ and after a phone call on Thursday at 6pm that literally had me crying (and working overtime for which I do not get paid) until 1am Friday morning, I was completely worn out, emotionally and physically. I didn’t get to sleep again until 2am on Saturday morning, and at that point, the weekend was utterly shot. I didn’t exercise or watch what I was eating, being in a state of fugue. Instead I opted for tater tots on Saturday and french fries last night, several sodas along the way, and three glasses of wine last night to ‘prepare’ me for my day today. I really need to find a new job.

Anyway, without going into long, boring detail, I’ll just leave you with the paltry explanation that I was under extreme duress all weekend, and couldn’t drag myself onto the blog. I’m actually still feeling extremely worn out, like I might have even made myself sick with worry. I’m taking some new super duper whole foods vitamins, though, so maybe that will help a bit. Also, I’m considering heading to my local coffee shop in a few just to get a nice cup of coffee and maybe even a pastry to seal the deal on this craptastic day.

Today’s Weight: 158.4 lbs.

Today’s Health: Exhausted, with a little bit of sinus action, and I feel both bloated AND ravenously hungry. I’m also just getting over a cold sore that popped up on Friday morning and got better almost as quickly as it showed up (thankfully). Just sneezed five times as I wrote this. Definitely time to stock up on some Vitamin C.

Today’s Mood: Mentally worn down. I’m not going off the deep end or anything (despite my catchy blog title), but I am just feeling the effects of dealing with the ridiculous shite I deal with at work, day in and day out, for the last three and a half years. Having worked for several sane, reasonable employers over the years, I know that what I’m going through now is not in my imagination, and is not in any way ‘normal’ or ‘to be expected’ and it’s sure as hell not supposed to be the way we’re treated on a daily basis by our fellow human beings. I dream of work all night, then wake up feeling like I’ve never slept, or maybe my day is just another horrible dream.

Time to go. I’m heading out for coffee before resigning myself to another 10 hour workday.

Update at 11:5opm: So much for a 10 hour workday. I’ve been on the clock since 8:30am, which puts me at 15 hours for the day, with a 20 minute break to wash out the litter box. Oh joy. I ate very little, didn’t drink enough water, and of course didn’t exercise. I’ll try again tomorrow.

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