Finishing Strong

Sorry I didn’t end up posting yesterday. Wednesdays are always tough for me, with work, my swim lesson, band practice, and trivia all in a row. Yesterday I also took a run before my swim lesson, so that ate up more time. However, it was a much better run than usual, and I woke up this morning so excited to write to you guys about it.

During yesterday’s swim lesson, I improved a bit and was really feeling the difference of what it means to move through the water gracefully and efficiently, and how your body rocks and what it feels to have your thighs really doing a lot of the work for you. So in the evening when I went on my run, I tried to let my body move as naturally as possible, engaging my thighs more, letting it make me cover more ground, even though the thought of running faster scared me a little. Since I learned to run long distance by training for a marathon, I think I learned to run slower than my natural pace would have been, in able to endure. Last night was a first attempt to try and correct that impulse to be too conservative.

The run went great. I did 2.1 miles (actually a little more, but I forgot to turn my GPS on for about a block and a half), with an average time of 9 minutes and 34 seconds a mile. Basically I cut an entire minute off of my time. I’m so psyched!

I’m also psyched because today I woke up at 156.6 lbs, down from 158.0 lbs yesterday. I haven’t eaten anything yet today, but I think that I hit the nail on the head yesterday by eating pasta for lunch, knowing that I really wanted carbs but moving that meal to the middle of the day so there was still time to burn it off later.

Today I’m going to do Zumba and run, and I’m about to make some eggs and toast for breakfast. I think I might scramble two up with some jalapeno, mushrooms and tomato. Mmmm…

I’ll update if anything exciting happens.

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