Dreaming is Free

New Orleans Clouds, by Anna Harris

I have so many dreams. Many are tiny things, like the dream of wearing heels on stage without losing my balance and eating it in front of amused onlookers. Some are even tinier and more shallow, like the dream of finding jeans that make me look taller and a bit more slim. I also have some huge dreams, like getting a record deal for my band, writing a handful of novels, and buying a cottage in Wales. Then I have pretty middle of the road dreams, like living close enough to the Atlantic to hear the seabirds in the morning and the surf rolling in at night, becoming a real photographer and building up a concert photography portfolio, becoming a proficient horsewoman, and visiting Provence while the lavender is in bloom. One of my dreams has to be first, however, and I’ve decided which one to move to the top of my list:  the dream of finding a job that I love.

My current job is OK. I’m getting as much out of it as I can, and though no one at my firm has received a raise in at least four years, at least I can count myself lucky for keeping my job, receiving a title change and collecting a wealth of knowledge. However, I’ve learned enough over the last four years to know that there is no more for me to learn here, and no advancement to be had. It’s time for a change. It took so very long for me to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, and now that I know I want to be a marketer, I want to make strides toward that goal at all costs. I don’t think that being happy with my day to day existence is too much to ask.

I’ve started scoping out marketing & PR firms in the New Orleans area that offer the unique vision and range of services that I’d want a dream employer to offer. Of course, given my current level of unhappiness, I’d probably be willing to make some concessions. It’s my dream, though, and I prefer to dream big and then whittle it down from there. We’ll see what happens. There are still a few months left until I graduate with my MSc in Internet Marketing, though I believe my background and skill set should put me at the front of the pack now, and if I’m lucky, someone will soon see in me the dreamer that they’ve been looking for.

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