Fun on Sunday


Today’s Weight: 157.4 lbs.

Today’s Mood: Great!

Today’s Everything Else: Man, am I beat. I woke up this morning at 9am, thanks in part to our next door neighbor, a carpenter who also likes to blast music loudly enough to listen to over the drone of his table saw. Fortunately, this morning he put on the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album, albeit at a volume so high that I could hear it from inside my bedroom. Even though I wasn’t exactly psyched to be getting up, I woke up singing along. That was nice. I’d wake up to The Beatles every morning if I didn’t think I’d give my boyfriend (not a Beatles fan, the weirdo) a nervous breakdown.

After waking up, I got dressed and went out for a run. I did almost 2.4 miles, at a rate of 10 minutes and 10 seconds a mile, then came home and cleaned up to go bike riding with the boyfriend in the French Quarter. We rode around for a couple of hours, took some photos, laughed at crazy college football fans, got irritated in traffic, and I think I even got a bit of a sunburn. My chest is feeling a little warm. It’s crazy how hot it was today, given the fact that it’s January. I was wearing flip flops and a t-shirt, and was soaked with sweat by the time we got home.

Once we got home, we cleaned up again, got dressed, and went out shopping. I got a small fishtank for Christmas that I had wanted to put SeaMonkeys in, but now I’ve decided to get a few pet ghost shrimp instead, so I picked out gravel and stuff for the tank. I’ll set it up tonight or tomorrow, then let the water do its thing and go get the shrimp later this week. The ones I saw at the pet store looked like this – they’re so cool:

Ghost Shrimp
Click through this image to see Mother Nature Network's photo collection of 11 transparent creatures. Neat stuff!

Other than that, not much going on in the physical fitness realm. I’m wiped out from running and then biking for an hour and a half straight. Didn’t eat enough today, I think, so I’ll probably go make a bowl of soup and some eggs or something basic for dinner, then crash on the couch and be a lazy bum for the rest of the night. I wish tomorrow could be Sunday, too…

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