Vacation Time! (And a Plea to Vote for Me)

Woohoo, I’m on vacation for the next 4 days! Then after that – pain, lots and lots of pain, including early mornings, working out my abs and arms, running daily, riding my bike daily, anything I can do to keep my arms from getting as big as my head, and stop my butt from drooping. (Actually, I have a lovely butt, one of my best features, but it is spreading out a tad, and it’s time to counteract that before it becomes a serious problem.)

Today’s Weight: 157.8 lbs. I know. No clue how I just drop that much in two days. I didn’t eat a ton yesterday, so maybe that was it, but I sure didn’t exercise. I did end up cooking these gorgeously fantastic pan roasted fingerling potatoes in duck fat…mmm…which I had with a seafood stuffed mirliton, some fresh green beans, and half a bottle of riesling for dinner. Oh, who am I kidding, 3/4 of a bottle of riesling. Which should have made me gain weight, right? Oh well, whatever.

Today’s Mood: Lazy. I just woke up an hour ago, and put on pajama pants for my day’s attire. I’m going to dish out some oatmeal for lunch, I think. Not really hungry, but have to eat something. Not sure yet if I’m going to watch TV or read the new Ariana Franklin novel that my boyfriend bought me for Christmas.

That’s about all. I would like to ask you a favor, though. Please, please, please could you vote for me? I entered a contest with my favorite website, Lumosity, and  if I win, I could win a new iPad or a lifetime subscription to their brain training program, both of which I’d absolutely love. If you have just a second, please visit this link and vote for my entry (it’s a good entry, too, so you won’t lose any precious time reading crap 🙂

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