First Post Since Turkey Day

Today’s Weight: 154.8 lbs.

Today’s Mood: Ack!

Today’s To Do List: Long. Oh so long.

I’m OK with my weight, considering I’ve been avoiding the scale since Thanksgiving, thinking I was surely over 160 again. I’m back on the wagon, though – no snacks or sugary drinks, no bingeing, no more carb heavy meals, as much as I do love an excuse to add gravy to just about anything.

I’ve been eating this really yummy soy yogurt from Silk, and this morning I had a bowl of yogurt with a handful of blueberries and a drizzle of honey – mmm. Currently on the first cup of coffee for the day, but I might be moving to tea after. For lunch I’ll probably have soup and an omelet, and I don’t know about dinner yet. When my boyfriend and I went shopping over the weekend, I remembered everything on my list except for Ezekiel bread, and I’m SO craving a slice of toast right now. Might have to go out for a small grocery run tonight – I don’t know if I can do without for too much longer. Plus, a vegan grilled cheese sandwich sounds so very good now that it’s freezing in my house…

Alright, back to work. I’m finishing up on a pesky acronym assignment right now, then moving on to write the 2nd chapter of my boss’ book, and update all of our social media while I’m at it. Have a happy Tuesday!


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