Another Day, Another Laundry Pile

Everyday isn’t laundry day in my house, though sometimes it sure does feel like it. I don’t mind doing the laundry, though. This is my first apartment with an in-unit washer and dryer, and they’re both brand new and awesome. For the first time in my adult life, I don’t have to hunt for quarters any time I need clean underwear, and the dryer actually DRIES my clothes. It’s revolutionary, I tell you.

Of course, we all know who absolutely adores laundry day – the gorgeous Miss Isabel. She’s always happiest when towels are part of the mix, but earlier today I was on a roll, and thoughtlessly unloaded and folded a dryer’s worth of towels quicker than she could make it to the bedroom to come play. Realizing my mistake a few minutes later, I threw a couple of the clean towels in with the next load of things to dry, so she could still enjoy a good snuggle. I’m such a sucker, but as you can see, it was totally worth it.

Isabel the Cat in a Laundry Pile

" toasty warm!"

Isabel the Cat in a Laundry Pile - Image 2

"Seriously Mum, this is the best ever..."

Isabel the Cat in a Laundry Pile - Image 3

"I'd invite you to share, but you see, it's such a small pile. It's really only big enough for one of us."

Isabel the Cat in a Laundry Pile - Image 4

"Seriously - you're not going to fit. Especially not with that black box thing strapped to your head."

Isabel the Cat in a Laundry Pile - Image 5

"Oh, all right, you can come play too!"

And much cuddling and purring ensued.

The End.

7 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Laundry Pile

    • Anna says:

      Just the extra towels, unfortunately – the rest of the laundry was completely necessary for me to not alarm people in public πŸ™‚

      She just gets so happy playing in the laundry pile that I couldn’t NOT give her her favorite part. Izzy’s not a particularly kitten-ish cat (unlike her brother, who is always up to something catastrophic) so it’s always magical seeing her acting playful. Plus, I can’t help but be like a pageant mom with my camera once she does start being adorable, lol!

  1. marucankissmyfurry... says:

    Ahhh… There’s nothing better than towels right out of the dryer… Except maybe snacking on Tillamook medium cheddar while snuggling in those towels. Especially if I were snacking on that cheese in the warm towels under the Christmas tree. With the lights twinkling… I wonder if that request might be pushing it a little, though… At any rate, towels right out of the dryer are fantastic!

    • Anna says:

      Isabel approves of the entire plan, but suggests brie might be a more appropriate choice, given the decadence of the moment. She’s become quite a snob in her old age. Next thing we know she’ll be requesting an upgrade to Egyptian cotton…

      • marucankissmyfurry... says:

        I’m a bit of a cheese snob myself, and I insist on Tillamook medium cheddar. Thinly slices, no chunks. But I agree whole-heartedly about the Egyptian cotton upgrade. My human has Eqyptian cotton sheets, and they’re so soft and comfy!

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