The Daily Post

It just occurred to me that though I made a mental note yesterday to begin the Post A Day challenge, I hadn’t actually followed the sign-up process.  So here we go…

I don’t believe in using sample text to declare my intentions, when intentions need declaring.  I’ve been playing around with this blog for some time now (though you’d never know it from the looks of ‘er), and now it’s time to get serious.  This being the case, I’ve decided to join the Post A Day challenge, and post a new blog entry every single day of 2011.  Even though we’re kind of late in the game, I figure it’s better late than never.  Also this should help me prepare for the pinnacle of awesomeness, NaNoWriMo, which starts in less than a month!

I haven’t decided on just one major topic yet for this blog.  As a marketer, I know that’s a difficult concept to sell, but I’m going to forge my way ahead with the things I’m interested in: cats, photography, architecture, writing, travel, and geekery of all types.  I’m sure some of my stories will be of my many failed attempts at trying to shape up and become a ‘respectable’ grown up, which doesn’t appear to be happening at any point in the near future.  Other stories will be about my spiritual quest, return to musicianship, and struggles to get published.  There will probably also be a lot of pretty pictures, especially during the month of November, when I’ll be plugging away at my novel.

This will be my first attempt at staying relevant to myself and my readership, and I look forward to figuring out how to make this blog both interesting and somewhat popular.  Wish me luck, and hope to see you around more often!


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