Running Out of Time

Wow, I’ve really been sucking lately.  I’ve got 44 days until my 30th birthday, and I haven’t weighed myself since the day of my last post.  Pretty sure I haven’t lost any weight – in fact, given my diet over the last week, I’ve probably added on a few pounds.  That’s no big deal, though, because I have a plan.  I spent half of the day today logging in a very detailed plan for every day of the next month, including exercise, work, and play.  From now on this is all about getting into the best shape of my adult life, as well as starting to train to run again, finishing a few projects I’ve had in the works for WAY too long, and building a social life while I’m at this.

Also, this week I bought some products that I wasn’t going to use at first, but now that I’m thinking about it I feel like I deserve to splurge on.  I’m going to be trying out the Bliss FatGirl Treatment Set, something that I’ve always been a little reluctant to try mostly because of the name (so demeaning), but have also heard great reviews on.  Despite the name, they’re not actually ‘fat’ treatments, they’re for diminishing cellulite and firming skin, two things I’d love to see happen in my massive butt region.  I had heard great things about the different products in the kit – Fat Girl Slim, Fat Girl Scrub, and Fat Girl Sleep.  I’ve abstained from buying them for a few years because they’re pretty expensive, and also lately I’ve been trying to go all organic with my body care products.  However, since gotten healthier with my skincare routine, my skin has never felt more slack or sad.  Maybe that’s all about diet and exercise (probably), but since I’m getting old and feeling icky, I feel like I’d rather take the chance on toxins and feel pretty for a little while.  I know, so shallow, but so be it.  Combining a product regimen like this with intense exercise and a good diet will make me more intent to follow all three routes religiously, so I can see the best results, and it would be great to have a 25 year old butt again in time for my 30th birthday!

Besides those products, I also splurged on a bottle of Bliss Love Handler, which is probably a big waste of time but sounded like a fun thing to try.  It’s supposed to be specially formulated to firm skin and improve tone and contour of your tummy, with an 8-hour release of caffeine and creatine.  Probably all snake oil, but hell, why not, right?  All of this stuff should be showing up in the mail this week, along with the new shower curtain I spent way too much money on but am totally and irrevocably in love with…

I’m over the moon about that fabulous octopus, and it’s the first shower curtain in a long line of shower curtains (I’m practically a chronic bathroom redecorator) that my boyfriend was actually enthusiastic about me purchasing.  I take that as a great sign for my life going forward, lol.

AND, on top of all this weirdness/goodness, I worked out a schedule today that I think will be a lot of fun for me if I can get my butt in gear and keep it there.  I’m going to start running again in the mornings, just a mile to start, followed by EDGE training.  When I get home, I’ll have an hour and a half of writing time to work on my book.  Then most afternoons I’ll be taking a class like Spin or Zumba, and if I’m feeling the funk this week, I’m going to start going to a Hip Hop dance class once a week, too.  I’ve wanted to take Hip Hop for a long time, and even though I’m not very graceful or coordinated, I figure it’ll be a great way to start feeling more feminine and having more fun with my body.  I’d like to start taking horseback riding lessons soon, as well, but I’m going to hold off on that until I’m sure I can trust myself with this schedule, and then move on from there.  I also signed up to volunteer at a couple of local festivals that should be super fun, and hopefully will also give me the chance to meet new friends and make new marketing contacts so I can get my copywriting business up and running over the course of the next year.

Tomorrow’s the first day of this grand new effort.  I’m a little embarrassed to go back to EDGE after only making it to one session last week, but I need to just suck it up and show up.  That’s the best I can do, and all I can do after that is make it to one class at a time.  The more I show up, the more I’ll feel like showing up again the next day.  Duh, right?

OK, wish me luck.  I’ll see you tomorrow, with my weight, measurements, and caloric intake.



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