New Day, New Gym

Today’s Weight: 160.2 lbs.

Last night I got tired of sitting around, desperately hoping for a half-way Bikram studio to miraculously appear, so I went down to the closest gym and signed up.  That sounds a little worse than it is; I used to go to this gym in 2006, and liked it at the time.  It’s small, the staff is nice, and it’s was never too packed.  Best of all, it was affordable at the time, and as it turns out, it still is.

When I went in last night, I found out the gym has this deal where you get four months of membership at $50 a month, plus 16 group sessions (it’s called The EDGE Training System) with a personal trainer for an additional $100.  I had a great time talking with Mario at the front desk, gossiped a little with Eric, one of the trainers, then signed up for the deal.  I’ve always wanted to go to a trainer, but could never afford it.  Even though this is more like a class, it’s still customized a bit and also a nice way to not feel too intimidated by meeting with a trainer one-on-one.  Plus, how else am I going to force myself to work really ridiculously hard now that I’m not in Bikram?

So this morning was my first session.  The trainer (I think his name was Dave, but it could have been Chuck – I’ll have to ask him again tomorrow) was really nice, and took it easy on me.  There was only one other woman in class, since Wednesday is traditionally the make-up day, and the session was at 5:30am.  Most of the work was lunging, jumping, a little running in place, and other exercises using a sandbag.  It was about an hour long, but seriously felt like 30 minutes, max.  I got a little winded in the beginning, but overall it felt good, easy except for the stuff that required moving + balance at the same time.  I’m horrible at jumping & lunging really fast – I fall over.  But overall, I think this is a good choice.  I’ll go to training and take a run in the morning, then in the evenings either take a class like yoga, spin or Zumba.

I also called and made an appointment for tomorrow to get a deep tissue massage.  My back and hips have been hurting enough that I constantly toss and turn all night.  It’s time to start taking steps to fix whatever the hell’s wrong with me.  It’s clearly either bursitis or something running-induced, or else I didn’t heal properly after throwing my back out a couple of years ago.  The doctor told me it’s nothing, and to take some ibuprofen.  On my health plan I can’t get permission to go to a physical therapist or chiropractor, and Bikram helped tremendously, but now that’s over.  So I’m going to start with massage, working out on a regular basis, and possibly acupuncture, and see where all that goes.  It’s bad enough turning 30 and being overweight, I don’t want to feel any older than I have to.

It’s time for me to get back to work; lunch break is over!



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