Week 3 Wrap Up


I woke up this morning with a great idea.  Instead of feeling ashamed and horrified that I’ve spent this last week neither exercising nor watching the types (or amounts) of foods I shoveled into my face, I’m going to chalk this all up to research and move on.  This week was an experiment in what it will mean to my health and my body if I stop trying my hardest.  The results are interesting:

Today’s Weight:  162.4 lbs (my exact weight 2 weeks ago, at the end of Wk 1, also 5.6 lbs more than last week this time)


  • Waist: 29″ (1″ more)
  • Hips: 40″ (1″ more)
  • Thigh: 23″ (.5″ less)
  • Belly: 34.5″ (same)
  • Upper Arm: 11.25″ (.25″ less)

It was tough squeezing into my jeans this morning, and my underwear are unpleasantly tight.  Yup, I said it, so what?  My panties are officially in a wad, lol.  Well, they should be.  I’m an idiot, and I’m angry at myself for spending an entire week hanging out in bed, watching Medium and eating take out.  I won’t tell you what I ate last night, except to tell you that it came with two servings of french fries and hailed from under the golden arches.

The thing is, I don’t feel like I have a Problem with a capital P.  I feel like I’m just a normal girl going on my impulses.  Maybe I’m slightly addicted to food, but maybe I’m just a normal human being who can’t control the urge to treat myself, soothe my worries, and celebrate my successes with Big Macs and ice cream.  Although I actually didn’t eat any ice cream this week, which I guess could be a small victory.

So today I start over.  Kind of interesting that it would be today, actually, because I packed myself a very healthy day of food, then accidentally left it at home on the kitchen counter.  Now I’m at work, hungry, pissed at the me of yesterday, and wondering what on earth I’m going to have for lunch that will put me in a good enough position to go to yoga this afternoon.  I ate watermelon for breakfast, and there’s tomato soup in the work fridge, plus a bunch of granola bars and pretzels that my boss brought in.  Guess I’m going to be an irritable scavenger.

I will be going to Bikram this afternoon, though.  There’s a class at 4:30pm, so I’m going to try my hardest to get out of work by 4pm.  If that doesn’t work, there’s one at 6:30pm and that will have to do.  Tomorrow I’m doing two classes, and maybe two on Sunday, as well.  I’m going to try my very hardest all week to go to one class in the morning and one in the evening, and then at the beginning of the  next week I’m going to start running in the mornings and going to yoga in the evenings.  I just want to be on some kind of healthy schedule by the time I move back to NOLA in a couple of weeks, so there’s more incentive to keep following a healthy path.

Plus, if I’m going to be working from home, I’m going to need exercise and activity in my life as a way to stay sane and make friends.  I’m looking forward to joining my new Bikram studio as soon as I’m all moved into our new place, then soon after I’d really like to join a running club and start meeting people there, too.  I don’t ever want to return to sad, lonely, lump me, and between a few select active friends I already have in New Orleans, and the new ones I’m sure to meet by doing more healthy things, I think this will all turn out OK.

Ooooh, and I just realized I might even be able to start taking horseback riding lessons!  OK, now I’m in an OK mood, despite having to eat granola bars for lunch.

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