Return of the Cosmic Squirrel!

"Black Squirrel" by Tony Northrup Photography
This is another squirrel, but looks very similar to the black squirrel I've been hanging out with as of late.

Awhile back, I posted an entry about meeting a black squirrel on the way to yoga class.  At the time, I decided to soak in the moment as a kind of message from the Universe to change my cantankerous ways.  I expected to never see him again.  After all, what are the chances of meeting a somewhat friendly, completely black squirrel in an urban landscape?  Surely the chances of meeting that same squirrel twice (and having him give you the time of day) have to be pretty slim.

You can imagine my surprise when I walked out of yoga this afternoon, tired, sore, but mostly happy with my progress, and found the squirrel waiting for me beside my car.  Not only did the little guy follow me around the car as I loaded my various gear in, but he also drank from my water bottle, put his little paws in my hand while he sniffed my fingers (looking for food, I’d guess), and then, when I was putting my mat into the back of the car, he RAN UP MY LEG!

After deftly climbing up the side of my jeans, he kind of just hooked in at my hip and let me pet him a couple of times.  I was frightened that he was going to go for my face, but also couldn’t resist the thought of petting a squirrel (something I’ve always wanted to do).  His fur was a little coarse, and was also covered in little bits of tree bark and a bit of dirt.  He sat there at my hip for a moment, then apparently gave up on the hope that I was hiding consumables on my person and jumped down.  He climbed very carefully, and his claws hooked into my jeans and shirt, but not my skin, and he didn’t leave any holes behind, either, for which I was grateful.

I’m guessing that someone in the neighborhood raised him by hand, and that he’s always encountered favorable humans.  It scares me for him a little, since he’s so very friendly and there are so many not-so-friendly people out there.  How many other idiots do you know that wouldn’t think twice about letting a squirrel climb them like a tree?  Now compare that with how many people you know that would probably kick a squirrel that got too close.  I hope that he’s safe and sound, and found something scrumptious to eat; can’t believe I didn’t even have a few crumbs from lunch left over to give him.

It’s moments like that that make me feel like the Universe is watching out for me, and taking the time to let me know that I belong, and am loved.  Definitely it was a once in a lifetime thing.  (I’ll cross my fingers that it’s not, but let’s get real).  I hope all of you had life affirming moments this week, too.  Enjoy your weekends!



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