Reading List 2019


I’ve been trying to read one book per week since 2013, but have yet to do so. Since 2015, I’ve kept a list of every book read each year. Here’s my newest attempt to devour 52 tomes in 365 days! I’m trying a little something different this year, by noting how many books are due each month, rather than lumping it together for the entire year. Hopefully this will help me be more mentally prepared to tackle the project as a monthly goal rather than a long-running goal that’s easy to get behind and swamped by.

Note: I’m not a book snob, and tend to read things from across the spectrum, from wartime accounts and historical memoirs to graphic novels and romantic pageturners. This year’s goal is to read all of the non-fiction works of Edward Abbey and Joan Didion, but there are also a number of self-discovery titles on my list, and I’ll never stop reading supernatural stuff, so I’m sure this year’s list is going to be interesting. In fact, we’re already off to a good start, as I’m in a ghosty mood lately…

  • January (4 Books)
  1. A Little More Dead, by Jordaina Sydney Robinson (1/1/19)
  2. Deader Still, by Jordaina Sydney Robinson (1/2/19)
  3. Amazing Paranormal Encounters: Volume 1, by Rick Keubler, et al (1/3/19)
  4. Amazing Paranormal Encounters: Volume 2, by Rick Hayes, et al (1/4/19)
  • February (4 Books)
  1. Amazing Paranormal Encounters: Volume 3, by Debra Robinson, et al (1/4/19)
  2. Amazing Paranormal Encounters: Volume 4, by Joni Mayhan, et al (1/5/19)
  3. Paranormal America, by Megan Moxon (1/5/19)
  4. Real Police Ghost Stories, by Zachary Knowles (1/6/19)
  • March (5 Books)
  1. The Ghosts of Mystic Springs, by Mona Marple (1/8/19)
  2. The Secrets of Mystic Springs, by Mona Marple (1/12/19)
  3. The Curse of Mystic Springs, by Mona Marple (1/15/19)
  4. The Santa Claus of Mystic Springs, by Mona Marple (1/19/19)
  5. Ghosts of America 1, by Nina Lautner (1/20/19)
  • April (4 books)
  1. Ghosts of America 2, by Nina Lautner (1/25/19)
  2. Cruising Attitude, by Heather Poole (2/1/19)
  3. Ghosts of America 3, by Nina Lautner (2/3/19)*
  4. Ghosts of America 4, by Nina Lautner (2/15/19)
  • May (4 books)
  1. Ghosts of America 5, by Nina Lautner (2/28/19)
  2. Ghosts of America 6, by Nina Lautner (3/5/19)
  3. Haunted by the Things You Love, by John Zaffis and Rosemary Ellen Guiley (4/15/19)
  4. Girl, Wash Your Face, by Rachel Hollis (4/27/19)
  • June (5 books)
  1. The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, by Alexander McCall Smith (5/4/19)
  2. Afterlife, by Marcus Sakey (5/11/19)
  3. Ghosts of America 7, by Nina Lautner (5/14/19)
  4. Ghosts of America 8, by Nina Lautner (5/26/19)
  5. Echo, Volume 1: Approaching Shatter, by Kent Wayne (5/26/19)
  • July (4 books)
  1. Echo, Volume 2: The Taste of Ashes, by Kent Wayne (5/27/19)
  2. Echo, Volume 3: The Dialectic of Agony, by Kent Wayne (5/27/19)**
  3. Ghosts of America 9, by Nina Lautner (6/19/19)
  4. Elevation, by Stephen King (6/19/19)
  • August (4 books)
  1. Ghosts of America 10, by Nina Lautner (6/30/19)
  • September (5)
  • October (4)
  • November (4)
  • December (5)

Want to know what I’ve read since 2015? If you’re interested (or just incredibly bored) you can find those old lists here:

*As of 2/3/19, have officially surpassed 2016 performance.
**As of 5/27/19, have officially surpassed 2018 performance.