Wish Me Luck


I’ve been interviewing for a new job, and tomorrow is the second in-person interview (following up an informal phone interview, a formal phone interview, and an initial in-person interview). If all goes well, I’m hoping to walk out of that office with a job offer tomorrow. That would mean that I can stop working two jobs after this month, and I’ll have free time to pursue some passions…like finishing up the first draft of my Camino story, planning my next big hike, starting to learn Spanish, and getting in some serious kirtan and meditation time.

So, good folks of the interwebz, any and all good thoughts are appreciated tomorrow around 3pm CST. (Or anytime, really. Don’t feel constrained by time limits. The world needs all the good energy it can get right now.)




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  1. momsthetruth says:

    Lots of luck and XOXO!!!

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