Musings From The Front Desk

It’s 3:49am, and I am working my overnight shift at the little hotel’s front desk. I am very tired. This week has been too long, but I can’t really complain, because it’s all my fault. On Tuesday, after working a triple (8 hours at Job #1, 2-hour nap because Charlie cat is an absolutely terrible person and kept waking me up when I should have been able to get in at least another 3 hours, 8 hours at Job #2, 8 hours at Job #1), I went to the pharmacy to pick up a new prescription and was told that my insurance didn’t cover it. Multiple phone calls later, I walked out of the drug store with a bottle of wine, a family-sized bag of chips, and no prescription. I drank most of the wine, went to sleep about 3 hours after I should have, and slept terribly (of course you did, idiot), then woke up and headed back to Job #1.

Then of course, I had already planned a full day for myself on Wednesday. I worked, went to a dentist’s appointment, then met up with a college girlfriend that I hardly ever see. We talked for hours, had dinner and a few margaritas, then I went home and stayed on the phone to my parents for about an hour too long. So again, didn’t give myself long enough to sleep, and I slept fitfully with the alcohol in my system.

So here it is, Thursday, and we’re back at my triple. I worked my 8 hours at Job #1, headed home and got 4 hours of naptime (evidently Charlie must have been tired, too, or else Isabel bullied him into leaving me alone), now I’m at Job #2, and in 3 hours, I’ll head to Job #1. After that, I’ll go back to the thrift store to decide whether I want to buy this perfectly monstrous, gorgeous 60’s sofa, and pick up the adorable chest of drawers I bought this afternoon between leaving Job #1, picking up that prescription (covered by the insurance company, after a few long phone calls), and going home to nap. Then I’ll change my clothes, try to collect my wits, and head to date night with my lovely boyfriend. We’ve been planning this trip to a local BBQ hotspot since last week, and I’m excited to try out their attempt at Eastern NC BBQ sauce, even though I should really know by now not to get my hopes up. No one ever does it right, and I’m always irritated. After dinner, I don’t plan to stay out too late, because on Saturday, I need to head uptown to pick up my contacts prescription, and hopefully my glasses will have arrived, as well. Then, I’m hanging out with another of my girlfriends that I never see. But we can’t stay up too late, because Sunday I have to be at work at 7am, and after work, I’m supposed to meet with another friend at the gym. Just writing out this entire thing is exhausting to me.

The thing is that when I just work and don’t hang out with my friends, my life is sad and lonely, and my therapist is like, “Dude, get friends! This isn’t normal!” (She doesn’t say “normal” but I know what she means.) But I work so much that realistically, in order for me to be healthy and sane, I need to be sleeping pretty much any time I’m not at one of the jobs. It’s difficult. I seesaw back and forth. And I must see the boyfriend at least once a week, for my sanity and the sake of our relationship, so that leaves exactly two more time slots that can be filled by alternate people of the friend variety. This week I filled both, but I don’t think I can do that again for a month or two. Even just filling one other slot is too much. Mentally, I’m not up for this kind of thing. I’m just not cut out to be around other people as much as other people seem to think is healthy.

Anyway, I really think that this couch I saw today at the thrift store is the most perfect thing ever. It’s absolutely ridiculous for my apartment though. It’s huge – over 100 inches long. My current couch is about 80 inches, and just this side of being too big. With the huge 1960’s couch in my place, I’d have to forgo coffee tables entirely, although maybe I could fit the couch and one table? I mean, it’s a terrible idea, but it would definitely cut down on tabletop clutter if I got rid of the tables. I’m sure if any interior designers are reading this, they’re mentally throttling me right now.

Also, I can’t afford to think of life being spent in this one apartment forever. I’ve been looking for a new place, anyway. That’s one of the reasons I’m working so much, so I can move to a bigger apartment when my lease comes up again. So maybe buying this amazing couch in preparation for life changes is totally fine, right? I dunno. But it has the most exquisite bones. It’s just one of those lovely pieces that I can get recovered when I’m tired of the hideous/awesome floral upholstery. It would be kickass in magenta velvet. It’s the exact couch I would want to buy off of one of those new modern furniture sites like Joybird or Article, just about $2,000 less, since it’s only $99. Ugh, I think I need to buy this couch and just screw over my entire apartment’s decor with its crazy monstrosity. I’ll obsess about this for another 12 hours and make the decision in the afternoon. Maybe it will have already been sold, and I won’t have to make a decision. I’m already going back right after work to pick up this adorable chest of drawers that I bought today when I went in to see the couch. Here are some photos that were posted on Facebook and prompted me to go and check the furniture out in the first place:

It’s hard to tell from the photo, but the chest of drawers is yellow and kind of shabby chic. I’m going to use it in my closet, to replace two nightstand-type things that I have been using since I moved in three years ago. This new thing is smaller, but I think it will be a little easier to store my bras/underwear/socks/pants in this, since it’s going to force me to make some choices to cut down on my inventory. When the hell am I going to do all of this organization? What am I going to do with those nightstands? They belong to a friend of mine who is now out of the country for the foreseeable future. I should drop him a line to see if he even wants them back, or if I should just donate them.

So yeah, this is all the stuff that’s going on in my head and life at the moment. The only other things I haven’t talked about are:

  1. the big family reunion room block that just checked in at my Job #1 today, which I’ve been stressing about for weeks, but will now be over by Sunday (yay);
  2. the opportunity I’ve been given to apply for a job as a proofreader, after sending out countless applications (please don’t judge my abilities by this blog – I’m actually a great copy editor and proofreader, I just don’t allow myself to gaf on this blog, or else I’d never get to write out all the crap that’s in my head);
  3. the talks I’ve been having with my coworkers/bosses at Job #1 about my next move up in the company – I’m thinking strongly about going into events management and getting certified as a meeting planner;
  4. how much I wish I could just crawl under the desk and take a nap right now, but there are cameras everywhere in this place. Ugh.
  5. if I got that couch, I’d need a much bigger piece of art above it to even things out. Luckily, I have this really groovy painting that I purchased on Ebay a couple of years ago, but I’d need to get my friend to frame it with an oversized mat, probably, hmmmm…

OK, I’ll stop boring you now. May the Force be with you, my friends. Stand tall, eat your Wheaties, and by all means, learn from me – get enough sleep that you won’t be crazy-sauce at your day job.


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  1. momsthetruth says:

    Furniture that gives Crazy Sauce more room to glide would be better, I think? Bigger furniture makes it easier to fall when with too much wine.

    1. Anna says:

      I like the way you think!

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