My Two Favorite Videos

Most of my social media posts are inspirational and lighthearted. Life’s hard enough as it is; I’m not interested in getting into arguments on Facebook about things that I don’t really have a say in. While I might share an inspirational saying from my favorite presidential candidate now and then, or uplifting advice from authors and personalities that I feel might do my friends some good, I generally go out of my way to only share positive things that could be of service. Over time, I’ve found myself returning to the same couple of videos over and over again when I need a feel-good moment, so I thought I’d just post them here for future reference (and in case you need a reason to smile, too). Enjoy!

Orangutan sees a magic trick! I love that she laughs after she sees the nut “disappear”.

It’s hard to stay mad with squeaky shoes on…

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