Last Minute Details


Is there an award for “Worst at Packing”? If so, send me an entry form – I’m pretty sure I’ve got a shot!

We’re now about 13 hours out from my flight to Paris, and I haven’t finished everything on my list. My house is still dirty, I don’t have my time sheets done (essential for billing), and my bag is not packed. I’ve got the majority of the stuff I’m planning to take all in one spot, so I guess that’s a good enough start, but I am definitely not packed and ready to walk out the door. Not even close.

Other than the issue of not having my belongings packed yet, everything else is fine. I feel pretty good about the website I’ve been working on. It’s in a decent place, and if there are any issues I should be able to fix them or get in touch with the person who can fix them. All the rest of my work is wrapped up. The cats have enough food and litter to last a couple of months (not that I’ll be gone that long, but they do like to eat and poo).

Now all I’ve got to do is decide whether I’d rather stay up all night so I’m tuckered out for my flight, or if I’d rather take some sleeping pills once I get on the plane. Given the amount of work in front of me, I’m guessing it’s going to be something closer to the former. Really want to leave my apartment spotless, so it’ll be clean when I get back in November.

Wow, November. I can’t believe I’m about to spend the next month and a half in Europe. I can’t believe I’m about to walk across an entire country. Life is good. Let the living begin!

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