The king with his lovely queen by his side

Youth imbues one with a sense of invincibility. Few at tender age are as cautious as more seasoned veterans might advise. I, myself, made every move a grand gesture. Sure, I made a show of checking the angles, devising a plan, but in truth I crossed the board willy nilly, letting my heart (that fickle thing) be my guide. My conscience felt little during those early, short-lived collisions. And as is always the case, despite my best intentions, my actions began to define my boundaries.

I never felt alone, though. My life was full. Those in my narrow circle shared a set of unspoken rules, moved in patterns made to suit each other. Still, after awhile the endless maneuvering began to feel lifeless. Something was missing. I couldn’t see it then, but my life didn’t start until your first move.

Now that you’re here, I find my sights have narrowed, and intention has grown. From the first, you have nurtured my freedom. Together, one by one, we’ve removed the obstacles that once littered the playing field. Though time might be drawing the walls in ever-nearer, it only makes it clearer to me. There is a straight path from me to you. It is all I ever needed. Take one step. I’ll take the rest.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Yin to My Yang.”

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