Tidbits and Tidings

It’s 9:07pm on a Wednesday night. I’m nursing an overworked bicep and eating one of the most delicious brownies I’ve ever eaten (washing it down with flax milk). There’s tons on my mind, but it’s not for this blog. Believe it or not, I had an idea for a book yesterday, my first new fiction idea in a couple of years. Or at least the first one that was interesting enough for me to want to put aside the other things I’m slowwwwwlllllyyy penning. I’m the slowest writer ever. At this rate, I’ll be 95 before the first one gets published. Self published. But anyway, I did want to stop in and write a few things.

First off, Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman announced today that she is pregnant with their child. I have mixed feelings about this. I love them both, and any kid they produce is bound to be awesome, but I guess I’m either sad or jealous or a bit of both. I’ve had a mad crush on Neil since about two sentences into Neverwhere, and obviously that’s like having a crush on Brad Pitt and getting jealous when he and Angelina started their brood, but whatever. I’m human, and I’m sad that he’s definitively off the market, even if I was never even allowed in the doors of that particular establishment. But I’m still happy for them, and I hope it’s a girl, so she can be as fierce as her mother, times ten.

Secondly, my handsome amazing boyfriend and I went to Atlanta this weekend for a ridiculous trip. We drove roughly 9 hours there (counting meals and pit stops) on Saturday, and about 8 hours back on Sunday. We spent about 18 hours there, total, during which we got some pizza, saw an amazing concert, slept at our Airbnb, did some laundry, and went to Ikea. Next time I’m planning an extra day in there just to get rested up and maybe see some of the city. I heard that there’s a paper museum there, which sounds pretty interesting (if you’re as boring as I am).

The concert was fabulous, and I want to talk about it next Music Monday, but I’ll just say that it was my second time seeing Dry the River in concert, and this time the crowd was smaller but even more excited to see them. It was awesome getting to be so close to them as they performed, and getting to see their rapport with the other band that played that night, an American group called Horse Thief. Also, I was very pleased to be able to introduce the boyfriend to them in a live setting, after he’d been the one to introduce me to them on CD. Or mp3. Whatever. It was great.

Next up, I’d like to tell you a little about my mood and overall health as of late. The road trip really did not sit well with me. The constant anxiety of driving, plus the shitty food and lack of rest, set me over the edge. By Monday I was kind of freaking out. Thankfully, I’ve been “seeing” a therapist online and she’s been helping me get sorted, but it’s still been tough. I’ve been watching what I eat, trying to avoid caffeine and alcohol, and I’ve worked out for the last two days, so now I’m properly tired and can’t really think of being too anxious or moody. However, I hurt my biceps yesterday, and again today, at the gym. Not so much hurt as had intense cramping in both arms, which is a strange and unpleasant feeling. To counteract it and hopefully prevent it from happening tomorrow, I’m currently heating one of them, and I’ve taken some ibuprofen and rolled out the muscles a bit with a tennis ball. Hopefully that will help.

OK, that’s all I’ve got. I’m moving on to greener pastures, i.e. the outline for my new story. Have a lovely night, all.

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  1. Paula says:

    Thanks for the intro to Dry the River – They’re great!

    1. Anna says:

      Oh yay, a new convert! I seriously adore them, so glad that you like them too. It feels like my stake in their making it as a band is completely personal now, lol.

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