New Year’s Eve 2015


For the last five or six years, my New Year’s Eve celebration has been pretty low key. This one wasn’t all that different, but it was a lot more fun than I’ve tended to have for the last few years. I got dolled up and hung out with a small, tight-knit group of geeks at our favorite pub. The most exciting part of the evening was when I accidentally got my heel caught in my bar stool when I was trying to get up, and ended up falling down (oops). I’d only had half a glass of wine, so I couldn’t even blame it on being drunk – just my general and all-encompassing clumsiness. Luckily, nothing was broken and I didn’t damage my shoe or my dress, but I did bruise my shin, which is now wearing an ugly purple and black mark for the trouble. The pub was bustling enough that no one outside my group even noticed. I know this because in typical mortified-Anna style, I took an informal poll of strangers on my next trip to the ladies room just to make sure that was true.

Here are the few snapshots I have of the night. Sorry, was having too much fun to take photos!

3 friends
Angie, Anna & Alex


pretty dress
My beautiful dress, as seen in the bathroom mirror. Kind of a crappy photo. Really should have asked someone to take a photo of me for posterity…


stealing a kiss
Stealing a kiss before midnight.




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