Clean Days


So yesterday was the beginning of 30 days without alcohol, coffee/Diet Coke, meat, bread/pasta/processed foods, or dairy. I’m sticking to whole foods. Lots of veggies and fruits, water and green tea, and I’m sure a lot of lethargic mid-afternoons until I learn how to live without stimulants again. Not to mention really boring evenings as I trade in my wine for herbal tea, or whatever it is that people typically drink at the end of a long day when they’re trying to avoid chugging liquid sugar for a month.

Yesterday was Labor Day, and I went to a house party. To avoid drinking wine or beer with the rest of the guests, I brought a 12-pack of coconut club soda. That worked pretty well. I stayed hydrated and still had a drink to hold the entire time. I polished off all but two last night, and made short work of those remaining cans today at lunch. No coffee yesterday or this morning, either, which probably explains why my eyes are feeling so heavy right now. I could really use a nap.

Since I was at a party, and didn’t feel like hating my life completely, I went ahead and ate whatever I wanted yesterday (bison burgers, sausages, chips and fruit w/yogurt dip). Figured for Day 1, it was a big enough accomplishment to be avoiding liquor and coffee. Today, however, I haven’t had anything that’s on my “no” list. So far, I’ve had steel cut oatmeal & fruit for breakfast, and a big bowl of miso soup with tarrow root and tofu for lunch. My head is swimming right now, though. I’m feeling majorly worn out, which is probably a combination of not enough food, and my body detoxing from coffee. Sigh.

OK, time to figure out what I’ve got to do to keep myself alert and productive for the rest of the afternoon. So much work to do, and definitely not enough time for napping or indulging in brain fog.

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  1. Charlotte says:

    Good luck! This is not an easy road for most Americans who are used to fast food, sugary drinks and processed foods. On my doc’s advice I’ve been following this way of eating for over a year and have lost 24 pounds and feel better than I have in years. (Not saying I don’t cheat now and then.) the hardest part is finding beverages. I still drink decaf coffee now and then but I drink a lot of green tea. Hot in the winter and iced the rest of the year. I’ve finally hit on the perfect iced tea recipe using a little honey for sweetening and mint from my garden. Honey is a good alternative to white sugar for sweetening. When you start reading labels it’s crazy how much added sugar is in our pre-packaged foods.
    I know how hard this is do I’ll be cheering you on!

    1. compassandquill says:

      Thanks Charlotte! I’m sure it’ll be a lot better once I’m over the detox period.

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