Past Life Puzzle Pieces

Fortune Teller, by Anna Harris

It’s Saturday afternoon, and I’m looking to be amused. Let’s pretend that the unusual things we’re most obsessed with somehow point to what our past lives were, shall we? For me, that would be (in no particular order):

  • Medieval monastic life
  • Walking long distances / the idea of leaving, wandering, seeking
  • Gulags
  • Siberia
  • WWII, as experienced by the non-military in continental Europe
  • Bohemia / Czechoslovakia
  • The Romani
  • Drowning at sea
  • The Alemanni/Suebi (a 3rd through 6th century barbarian tribal confederation mostly focused around the area that’s now Alsace)
  • 12th century Wales / England
  • Weaving and folk medicine in medieval Europe
  • Sheep & goats
  • 16th century trading culture in Italy and the Netherlands
  • Northern Renaissance oil paintings – particularly those depicting architecture and the life of the layperson (vs. religious subjects)
  • Ruby Glass (which also connects back to Bohemia)
  • Late 19th century cabinet cards (photos)
  • 19th century prostitution and drug use

So there you have it. This is the bulk of what I’ve been drawn to time and time again in literature, film, and via travel experiences since childhood. There are TONS more things that I’m interested in, of course – art, music, pop culture, clothing – all sorts of stuff. I love other cities and time periods, too. But these are the things that stick with me. Feel free to piece these together like some weird puzzle, and imagine who I might have been in a past life. Alternately, use it as a suggestion to start connecting your own strange obsessions and making up reincarnation stories for yourself, whatever floats your boat. Happy random Saturday!




5 thoughts on “Past Life Puzzle Pieces

  1. amy says:

    Ooh precious and thought provoking . Love it. You were a nomadic gypsy, taught by a far easterner who traveled to edges Siberia, where you were born(to a prostitute in poverty). He taught you his trade of herbal Medicines. In return, you were to travel alone to the west with his bag of tricks, opium being a main source for pain. You landed first in eastern Europe, becoming a favorite subject for a painter…as you looked up into the architectures above. Further west you went, admiring in awe, the blonde hair blue eyed people…where you sensed a deep meloncholy, as though you knew of a great tragedy that was to come.of the unborn here. Finally, reaching a huge ship. Ready to sail across the channel, you traded some herbs for seasickness for a.ticket to go. A great storm came as you approached the lands ahead. And as the ship shore, it hit rock, tearing the wood of the boat to.pieces. Your life swam around the choppy edges of the channel and somehow, after tasting more than you liked of the sea water, climbed ashore. You awoke in the greenest of lands, magical. There you were surrounded by the people of the tribal freedom wild folk. Pulling you from the wreckage that lay scattered upon the rocky beach…Perfect place for your herbs…

      • amy says:

        kinda sets you up for your other obsessions. perhaps the gypsy had sex with the painter and eventually got pregnant before leaving. your child also becomes a painter in another time period…perhaps you treated prostitutes with opium after they had a rough night…you know, that sort of thing.

  2. amy says:

    Me. Wow this is some raw exposure.
    The human body and how to.access the blueprints of.our souls/DNA through touch and quantum touch

    Sex…every possible way to experience pleasure, kama sutras far eastern kings and heroms

    Pleasure versus pain… Anything from cutting, serial killers, s and m, etc

    Shamanism/herbal.medicines/food healing


    Fear of drowning

    Women with dark hair, dark eyes, darker complections

    Daydreaming of other worlds

    Mediterranean foods

    The unknown

    Belly dancers and music associated with

  3. amy says:

    I forgot a few things. I adore trees, always have. Absinthe, it intrigues me. Lace. omg, I spelled harems wrong. scrabble and other word games/trivia/mind tricks.

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