New Week, New Goal(s)

As of Thursday, I was down to 174.4 lbs. – my first five pounds lost. However, I haven’t weighed myself, exercised, or watched what I ate since Thursday night, so there’s a good chance I’m back up a bit. But that’s OK. I’m going to go to sleep in a few minutes, then wake up early-ish tomorrow and get in a good workout. No worries.

My goal for this coming week is to be 173.4 by next Sunday, the 20th of July. I think that’s definitely within my grasp, especially if I do everything I’m supposed to be doing, like watching my calories, eating only fresh, whole foods, drinking plenty of water, and getting in a good 600 or so calories-worth of exercise every day. This week I’m going to up my game a little bit by starting to run every morning and trying to make it out either dancing or bicycling every night for awhile. I haven’t gone biking just for the sake of biking since I was a little kid, so we’ll see how that goes. Maybe it’ll be fun!

Along with the weight loss goal, my other huge goal is to get my finances sorted out and come up with a solid plan for my budget moving forward. I’m spending way too much money on food and beverage costs lately, and need to get that firmly under control. If I can come up with some safeguards, I can be putting that money into my savings for much cooler stuff, like vacations, clothing, and paying off bills so that I can be in the black again. Which sounds completely unreal, but I think it can be done with enough hard work.

This is the most boring blog post ever. I’m going to bed, so I can wake up in the morning and accomplish at least a few things with my weekend. Wish me luck!

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