To Do List 4/7/14


Because I’m having a teensy-tiny problem getting my head in the game lately, here’s the list of crap I need to accomplish before I’m allowed to reward myself with something delicious. And by something, I mean someone. And by delicious, I mean best thing since sliced bread. And by reward, I mean – oh screw it, you get the drift.

Purchase bits & bobs for the apartment (11 4): towels, bath mat, dust ruffle, couch slipcover, shower caddy, kitchen mat, cat ledge, hammer, picture hanging kit, wet Swiffer things, taser

Resume fitness routine (3): daily yoga, daily planks/abs & run

Resume beauty routine (8 6): get appointments for waxing, hair, nails, body wrap, massage and facial (yeah, that’s right – I’m going full out girly-girl this week), get rid of all caffeine, gluten, eggs, and dairy products, resume daily face steaming/castor oil/honey/apple cider vinegar treatment

Plan summer vacation(s) (5): Rent car for Crystal Beach trip, figure out dates for Austin trip, rent car & hotel for Austin trip, and figure out if DragonCon is a thing, and how much it will cost

Connect with friends and family (11 6): phone calls with parents, Danica, Trin & KT, Amy, in-person hangout with Caroline, Dave, April, Mead and Theo, finish creating Top Secret playlist, make time to do coffee with Dan and talk about his anxiety issues

Work (3 1): marketing strategy for FFEL, meeting with FFEL, social media for Second Serve

Personal growth (21 9): get in the habit of writing daily, learn how to torrent, curate Goodreads list, find out my time for the St. Charles Bridge Run last Saturday, write a new post on The Camino Project, add book to my Kindle & critique it, get caught up with reading list (I’m about 8 books behind by now), tickets to see Jack White, tickets to The Golden Dawn Arkestra, catch up on Career Revolution webinars and homework, make a demo tape, find a new band

Household affairs (13 8): organize makeup, clean makeup brushes, take remainder of boxes to the storage unit, paint the mirror frame and bedside table, hang pictures, make a Costco run, stock up on whiskey & wine, buy a lighter, clean the fish tank, take belongings home from the office, get in touch with Trin’s friend to pick up the red bike, pick up the BluRay player

Professional / Financial (8): taxes, change address on all websites, organize bills, pay bills, cancel all autocharges (Audible & school courses), Film Society, Audubon Society, Propeller

Straight up fun (6 5): flesh out cosplay possibility list, join the Organ Grinders, get more involved with Krewe of Chewbacchus, do more lingerie shopping (experiment!), dinner reservations, make time to put on my kimono and read on the couch whenever the mood hits

OK, so obviously some of these are immediately doable, and others are more of a long-term commitment. But at least we’re getting somewhere. I’ll keep checking off as I get something accomplished.



6 Comments Add yours

  1. treatwilliams says:

    As much as your male readers might be thrilled by this list, you said in an earlier post that you have always had little to no sex drive!

    1. compassandquill says:

      I know, right?!? Well, it came back, around the time I broke up with my boyfriend, moved out, and started getting my groove back 😀

      1. treatwilliams says:

        hahahahah. ok.

  2. amy says:

    Damn it I wanna go lingerie shopping with you!!!

    1. compassandquill says:

      I’m just having trouble finding the perfect things. I’m much more into “retro romantic” than “tarted up” – and that’s surprisingly hard to suit in today’s market. But I did buy a kimono, and it’s gorgeous. Remind me to send you photos.

  3. treatwilliams says:

    I have been well and truly managed. Hello Anna’s boyfriend. Anna rocks, but is a megalomaniac.

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