“To The Pilgrim” (A Poem from The Camino)

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The following poem was carried by a South African Pilgrim and presented at Refugio Gaucelmo…

To the Pilgrim

     from the day of your birth
     you have been on the journey.
     an encounter awaits you.
     with whom?
     perhaps with your own self.
     your steps will be your words
     the journey your song
     your fatigue your prayer
     and your silence will at last speak,
     with the others
     but out of yourself
     you that think yourself surrounded by unfriendliness
     will find joy.
     although your spirit may not know where
     your feet will carry your heart.
     another is coming to meet you,
     and is searching for you
     so that you can find Him in the sanctuary
     at the end of the pilgrimage,
     in the sanctuary deep inside your heart.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. trevorkarr says:

    very well written, I liked it a lot!

    1. Anna says:

      It is well written, but I didn’t write it. Thanks for your comment, though – I’ll reformat so that’s more clear 🙂

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