Dear Santa (A Grownup’s Christmas List)

Image via Wikimedia Commons.
Image via Wikimedia Commons.

Dear Santa,

I stopped believing in you at age 4, when I saw Mum & Daddy arranging my presents under the tree on Christmas Eve. However, for the sake of this letter, I’m trying to picture you not just as a jolly old man in a red velvet suit, but maybe as the representative of a positive universe that really does want us to achieve all that our hearts desire. In other words, I’m putting out good energy in hopes that some will bounce back in my general direction.

Santa, I’m struggling here. I’m drowning in student loan debt and living in a city where rent prices keep rising but salaries are lower than I’ve ever seen for someone with my experience. I’m working as a freelance marketer, but the stress of living paycheck to paycheck has taken its toll. On top of all of this, I’m unsatisfied with the trajectory of my personal life, and I’m financially dependent on my significant other. I’m trapped. It would be great to get a break.

I’m not asking for much – just a chance at a job that lets me use my skills and education to the best advantage, where I can bolster a team of efficient and competent coworkers who strive for the absolute best every day. I’m an online marketer with strong experience in event management, and would love to work for a company that would let me shine. Bonus points if the job is in Austin, TX or Portland, OR, and infinite bonus points if it includes a relocation bonus. (But that’s like asking for a magic wand (or a hoverboard) so don’t feel too pressured!)

Here’s my LinkedIn page, my page, and my visual resume, just in case any of your elves happen to moonlight as a recruiter. And thanks again, Santa. I appreciate your help!



P.S. I went gluten-free recently, so hope you don’t mind Paleo cookies on the mantelpiece this year 🙂

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