Extending My Credit Line


Today the Daily Post asks us what the last thing was that we Googled. At work, my Google searches have been pretty straight forward – I’m looking for  New Orleans-based fashion bloggers who might want to cover the event that I’m organizing next week. But earlier today, I was searching for a way to extend my credit line.

I’m renting a car tonight, and though I’ve already paid for the rental, I needed to be able to have some money on my credit card to cover any kind of extra charge that might occur, like a security deposit. Since I only had $14 left, I had to figure out how to get a little padding in time to pick up the car tonight, which eventually had me Googling “how to increase credit line on Chase card.”

Luckily I figured it out and all is fine. There’s no button on the Chase site that allows you to request and get an answer – you actually have to call the number on the back of your credit card and speak with a representative. My rep was very nice, though, and the process took surprisingly little time – about 15 minutes in all. They were able to extend my credit by just a tiny bit, enough to cover whatever the security deposit will be, so now there won’t be any issue with renting my car tonight. Such a relief!

Tomorrow I’m off to Austin to enjoy a fabulous birthday weekend with friends, nature, yoga, and hopefully a huge helping of Tex Mex food 😀

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