Day 40: More Tests

I’m getting more blood drawn tomorrow, in order to get my TSH tested once again, as well as my T-3, T-4 and antibodies. After the results are in, I’ll be hitting up the low-income health clinic to see if I can get a doctor to take a look and prescribe the correct medication.

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Other than that, today I’m very tired, and have a sinus headache for the sixth day in a row. I didn’t work out at all today, and I don’t plan to. Yeah, I know it’s lame, but I really just want to go home, untangle my skein of yarn, and go back to making the scarf I’ve been working on since Saturday. Even though this isn’t going to help me lose weight, learning a new and relaxing hobby is going to help me reduce my stress levels, which is every bit as important as fitting in daily exercise. Possibly more so, since every dose of added stress hurts my thyroid even more.

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