New & Exciting! Answer This Poll To Help Me Build A Better Site!

Over the next little while, Compass & Quill will be moving forward with a new site design and outline. Along with the physical changes, the site will also be reigning in focus, then expanding on a selection of topics. Since there are almost 1,000 of you reading this blog now (Side note: 1,000? Woohoo!), I figured I’d ask what it is that brought you here, and what makes you come back.

Please take a second to answer the poll below, and feel free to check as many boxes (or as few) as you’d like. I apologize for not embedding it, but Polldaddy isn’t allowing multiple choices, Pollcode isn’t loading correctly, and EasyPoll isn’t loading at all. After 45 minutes of fiddling around, I’ve decided to give up on creating polls in different sites to see how they’ll work out and just to include the link here for the time being. I really appreciate you taking the time to click through!

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