Day 19: Waking Up Early


Well, it was a stunningly great morning until about 30 minutes ago. Let’s try to get back to that happy place, shall we?

I woke up at 159.4 lbs, and actually dragged my butt out of bed and all the way to a 6am Bikram yoga class. What about that? Can’t remember the last time I woke up that early of my own volition. Of course, now I’m feeling a bit sleepy, so I’m guessing that by early afternoon I’ll be feeling a lot sleepy. But them’s the breaks, right?

For breakfast it was 4 egg whites, mushrooms, green onion, and sauteed spinach, and for lunch I have some prepackaged vegetarian meal that The Man got on super sale this weekend (.48 cents!). Normally I’d be avoiding a TV dinner-type meal, but since one way or the other I’ll need a new computer soon, I’m at the mercy of a very thoughtful boyfriend who loves to hit the supermarket sales in the early morning. Weirdo.

By the way, do any of you remember how I said that any time I try to lose weight, The Man seems to go on a baking binge? The other day we had a serious conversation about how little self control I have, and how for me, controlling what I eat starts with controlling what food comes into the house. In many ways, this isn’t something I have the ability to do – The Man and I eat completely different things, so I have to just try really hard to ignore all of the dips, chips, pretzels, pizza, cheeses, bacon, etc. that come into the house. But the baked goods – especially when the fridge is full of cakes, cookies, muffins, and the like – make it just that much harder for me. When I’m having a bad day, I crave carbs, and four or five cupcakes make an excellent pick-me-up.

Since this obviously can’t be my reality moving forward, we came up with a solution. Whatever he bakes goes to the office with him. Last night he baked brownies, then politely wrapped them up and took them to work this morning. (*Huge sigh of relief to not have to spend all of my time stressing out about how much I want a brownie or five*)

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