Day 11: A Very Good Place To Start


Forgive me, I’m channeling Julie Andrews today. Tons of housecleaning = tons of tra-la-la-ing ๐Ÿ™‚

I weighed in at 160.0 lbs today, so I’m officially back at the starting line after a few delays. I didn’t make it to Bikram today because I forgot that it was Labor Day Weekend and they’d changed the class times. But that’s OK – I’ll just be insanely awesome with keeping within my calorie limit and eating healthy, natural choices. Must remember that weight loss is 80% diet, and keep plugging along.

Not that it’s hard to eat good-for-me foods when I have a fridge stocked full of organic goodies. Since I woke up really late, I had an even later lunch of veggie burger with avocado, homemade pico de gallo, cucumber slices, and roasted okraย (click through for an amazing – and very easy – recipe)ย in lieu of French fries. No clue what’s for dinner, but right now I’m having my snack – a glass of Knob Creek bourbon, perfect for sipping while watching Season 6 of Mad Men.

Trying to pretend that Julie Andrews’ world did not collide with any Don Drapers at any point, but my imagination has officially been sullied…

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  1. Emma Newman says:

    Love reading your updates! And well done for being so diligent! What I found helps me is that I have a designated ‘allowed to eat what you want’ day/meal. It’s pretty easy for me as we have a family dinner on Friday nights full of great food so I chose that day, but it might help you with your journey too!
    And I can’t imagine having to deal with pounds, it sounds awful! We deal in kilograms so it’s much less intimidating ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Anna says:

      I’ve actually tried having a “cheat day” a few times, and everyone I know swears by it. But every time I’ve tried incorporating one, I gain four to five pounds that day that take me a week to work off, then it’s the next cheat day and I gain the weight back again, etc. Maybe I’m more flamboyant with my cheating than most folks? Lol!

      My current approach is to treat myself within limits. So I know I will never have any bread, potato chips, or brie (my top addictions). But I had two glasses of bourbon over the course of six hours, and spent ten minutes nibbling on this deliciously sweet pear/date/almond energy bar/cookie thing that I made from the Thrive cookbook, plus a great dinner of veggies. At the end I was stuffed and happy. Just gotta keep working within my limits each day and I’ll get there!

      1. Emma Newman says:

        Oh no! that doesn’t sound like cheat days work very well for you at all! The sweet bar/cookie thing you made sounds yummy! I snacked on dates today. They’re fabulous! Keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚

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