The Switcheroo

Today the Daily Post asked us to consider what would happen if we were to become our own opposites. It’s a pretty hefty assignment, which first requires one to understand current personality and proclivities. I’d much rather use this post to talk about what I’d like to change, but instead for a second let’s think about what would happen if everything I was now just become opposite, somehow. Let’s see.

I sleep in, I eat too much and have no self control, I procrastinate better than anyone I know. So when the moonlight touches me, I guess I’d sleep less, have no cravings, and be on top of everything I needed to do.

I’m an introvert, which means that I’d become an extrovert. I’m mostly emotional, so my opposite would be more logical. I’m a dreamer with a love of strategy, and I guess that would mean that my opposite wouldn’t have much of an imagination, and would be more interested in getting one step done at a time, and leaving the big picture to someone else.

I love animals, and books, and pretty baubles, so that would mean that I’d be allergic to animals, not much of a reader, and much more interested in saving money than spending it.

I can’t live in a house without wood floors, so of course I’d have carpet. I’d also probably live in a really shitty, cookie-cutter suburban apartment (my nightmare).

I’m not sporty, which means that I’d be athletic and also love football games (blech). I find musclebound men with no imaginations to be a bore, so of course my opposite would have a taste for worthless men. My opposite would cook for her men, and do a lot of DIY activities, but also be insanely sexy, and not inhibited at all.

I hate my opposite. The switcheroo sounds awful. I might not be my best me, but at least I know what that me is, and see a path to getting there. I don’t want to be a sexy, sporty girl with no taste and a big savings account. Of course, I’d love to have money in the bank, but I don’t want to give up my sense of adventure, my hobbies, or my weaknesses.

Now excuse me; I’m about to go to work on sleeping in tomorrow morning.

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