The Perfect Mate

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile, and this is my list of criteria for the perfect mate. As long as half of these are checked off, that sounds like a decent compromise. Some of the criteria obviously carry more weight than the others, though. I don’t think I’ve ever been physically attracted to a non-smoker. Them’s the breaks.

  • Physically Active / Exercises or plays sports often
  • Has friends & an active social life
  • Well-spoken & interested in having conversations
  • Loves his family
  • Open to / interested in spirituality
  • Wants to help the world, or at least understands that impulse in me
  • Optimistic
  • Musical
  • Dancer
  • Well-read
  • Creates things
  • Avid traveler
  • Aware of the world
  • Not a crazy bleeding heart, but definitely not too conservative
  • Open minded
  • Good listener
  • Can express himself
  • Great kisser
  • Loves Halloween & costumes
  • Plays games; isn’t afraid to nurture his inner child and laugh now and then
  • Can cook
  • Doesn’t say no to adventures
  • Creates adventures
  • Plans dates
  • Drinks wine
  • Watches what I want to watch without bitching or sulking (talking about documentaries, not chick flicks)
  • Seductive / In control
  • Makes me feel feminine
  • Makes me feel safe
  • Enjoys nature, no matter what time of year
  • Likes some of the same music I do (not all, but at least 1/3 so we can go to concerts together)
  • Doesn’t take stupid risks (smoking, drunk driving, criminal activity)
  • SUPPORTIVE. I don’t care if it IS the fifth time I’ve tried to go vegan, it’s your job to have my back and believe that this time is the time.
  • Be the other half of my team.

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