Photography Friday! This Week’s Random Pics…

A tiny view of my altar, taken this morning. The compass necklace is a new addition to my life. I just bought it from local jewelry artist Beau & Stella. Isn’t it gorgeous? Click here to see more on Etsy.
A snapshot of a sketch on glass, drawn by my co-worker Gary. He’s an amazing artist and video game enthusiast, and he makes some funny videos, too. Check out his YouTube channel, Gary Does Things.
A snapshot of Munky, my younger cat, first thing in the morning. He’s on my chest, demanding my full attention.
Stormy weather. This is pretty much every summer afternoon in New Orleans.
“Gangstas do what they want. Suckas do what they can.” Spotted (in chalk) on the side of a building down the block from my office.
Miss Izzy, taking a nap on my shoulder (on the puffy part of the couch back). She’s my sweetheart, even if she’s a cranky weirdo for everyone else!

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