Receiving An Education

Today’s Daily Post prompt asks us what we’d study if we could go back to school right now.

I think it’s really important to note that in my life, I’ve been mostly lucky when it comes to education. First off, when it came time for me to go to undergrad, I was a bit smarter than the average bear, and I got accepted into a good school with a full scholarship (which I promptly lost as a result of my complete inability to 1) figure out how to go to the doctor, and 2) stay awake in 8am classes, but that’s another story). I was much smarter, spiritually, as a late teenager than I was for years after that, so I went with my intuition and studied what I wanted to study – not what people told me I SHOULD study. I think it’s really important to listen to what your heart is telling you it needs to learn, and back then I needed to learn medieval history & sociology through its art and architecture.

After undergrad, I went back to grad school twice. For my first master’s degree, I studied the preservation of historic architecture. However, after I graduated it became clear that the only jobs in my field that paid would require you to work to tear down old buildings, not help them survive. That’s not my game, so I didn’t play. I’m so happy, because it’s what The Man does for a living, and it’s terribly depressing to hear him talk about all of the old buildings that get razed in favor of crappy condos and shopping malls.

My second master’s degree was in internet marketing, and it’s come to good use. One day soon I hope to put it in use in the non-profit sector, and move fully into a career where I can work to help people every day. I don’t know how, just yet, but it will work itself out in time. I’m still exploring my options.

So I feel like I’ve got my career taken care of, and there’s no real need to go back to school to improve my chances of climbing the corporate ladder (etc.). That being said, what else do I want to study?

Oddly enough, I’ve been thinking about that for awhile. Obviously I love school, and the thought of stopping my education here at 31 is just not an option. Right now, there are five things that I’ve been considering studying next! It’s just a matter of when I’ll get the money and time to go back to school.

1) Pagan Studies. I want to understand more about my spiritual calling, and be able to incorporate more magick into my everyday life. I’d love to be well-versed enough to progress to the point where I can help others. If I had to follow today’s prompt to the letter and quit my everyday life to go back to school for one thing, this would be the subject. It has profound impact on how I live the rest of my life, and I want to do it “right.”

2) Reiki. As an empath, I have a natural ability to read energy, but I don’t understand it well at all. I’d like to become more familiar with energy work.

3) Pet Massage. I love animals, and would love to be able to help heal them for a living. Massage is great for people AND animals, and it’s a growing field. It would be fun to be able to provide that kind of service to pets and their owners.

4) Bikram Yoga. I need to go back to Bikram. It’s time. But more importantly, ever since my very first week of Bikram, I just knew I was going to be an instructor one day. I’d like to start building up my experience to be able to go to teacher training and get certified!

5) Fertility Awareness Method Counseling. True, I’ve got a long way to go in getting this stuff down for myself, but I love it. I want to learn as much as I can on my own and with guidance, then go to the training courses to get certified to be an instructor.

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  1. Hi Anna, thanks so much for deciding to follow my blog! I was just browsing through your blog and this post caught my eye. I’ve only been done with college for a year and I already feel like there’s so much more that I wanted to study! Good to see that you have only become hungrier to learn as life has gone by.

    1. Anna says:

      Thanks Nathan! I LOVE your blog – I suppose the other “education” I could list here would be “learn how to worry less and travel more.” If my informal research holds true, it seems that the ones who were passionate about learning early in life only get more excited about it as they age. I’ve met two older women in the last year who have really inspired me to jump at any opportunity to pick up a new skill, or brush up on new subjects that make my brain tingle. After all, what’s the use of life if you’re not giving yourself over to the journey? 🙂

      1. I would say your informal research is spot on–the people I know who spent their youth playing video games or watching too much TV instead of going outside or playing with Legos (I was obsessed with them) seem to have permanently stunted appetites for learning and indeed, for seeing the world. Baudelaire said that genius is childhood recaptured at will, and I think the more we nurture the inner child in each of us the more we grow! Thanks so much (again) for the love!

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