One Vision

Click through to see more great photos of Queen on

Click through to see more great photos of Queen on

Did you guys know that I adore Queen? They’re one of my favorite bands of all time. I love, love, love them. I saw a pair of Freddie Mercury’s pants once at the Hard Rock Cafe in Washington DC. They were tiny! This has little to do with today’s post, really, other than that when I read today’s Daily Post prompt, Queen’s song “One Vision” popped into my head, and now it won’t go away.

The basic message of the song is that we all need to get together and figure out a way to get along. This one vision will save us all, something I find to be simplistic but nonetheless inspiring. It doesn’t hurt that the song has the added bonuses of 1) rocking out, and 2) ending with the words “fried chicken.” That’s a tough combination to beat.

Side note: I love the way my subconscious works. When I started writing this post I had no idea why I was writing about Queen – I just decided to go with it. As it turns out, though, it was a great direction to go. After all, my ultimate goal in life is to learn how to bring sweetness into the lives of others, to help in whatever small ways I can, to help promote good in my everyday activities. But that’s a huge goal made up of tons of steps. So how do I sift through those to identify where this blog helps?

I’m sure it will help in many ways, but perhaps the most immediate goal that the site could fulfill is to help me connect with others who feel the same. It is through forming connections that we learn we are not alone, and that our hopes and dreams have more power than we might have originally believed. To once again quote Queen, it’s a kind of magic.

It would be great if, as a result of my writing (and my marketing career outside of this blog, of course) I ended up making connections to create a career niche, somehow for me to make a living making a difference. Today I feel really good about this goal, even better than usual. I don’t think that it will be too long before I make the right connections and am able to move into a career in marketing & development for a worthy non-profit organization. Guess we’ll see!

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