Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes

I thought long and hard about what photo to use for this week’s photo challenge. Everywhere I’ve walked this week, I’ve considered the angles and sight lines, hoping that the perfect shot would be just around the corner. Turns out, when I took this photo it was more to document a feeling than a beautiful object.

In my office, the printers, paper, and office supplies are in a room we call the Lab. We don’t use a lot of paper most days, so we keep the lights off and the door closed. Yesterday, I opened the door, walked in with the lights still off, and screamed. One of my jokester coworkers had dressed up a dressmaker’s dummy with a long black jacket and a creepy bobble-headed costume mask, and left him there “making copies” in the dark. This photo was taken after my initial scare – I almost peed myself! – however, I tried to capture some of the ominousness felt in that first second of “gahhh!” Of course the rest of the afternoon was spent laughing as my coworker tricked other unsuspecting victims 🙂

Scary Man in the Lab

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